So…Where’s the Voluma?

October 4, 2013 12:58 am Leave your thoughts

We first told you about Voluma, the amazing new dermal filler that makes cheeks look years younger, over a week ago.  We really thought that it would be available by now.  Believe me, we are as eager as you are to get this great stuff.  There has certainly been plenty of buzz about Voluma.  There was even a great article in the New York Times  last week.  So what’s the delay?  Is there a problem with Voluma?  The answer is no.  Voluma actually has passed the FDA’s tests with flying colors.  All of the experts agree with us that Voluma will be approved.

To tell you the truth we don’t know why we are still waiting.  It’s certainly possible that the shutdown in Washington is holding things up.  Also, the FDA works in mysterious ways.  You never really know when a new product will be approved.

We can promise you this.  We’ll let you know the day it is approved, and the day it will be available to our patients.  You also may want to follow us on facebook .  We’ll be talking about Voluma there and we’ll be offering some great deals that may interest you, too.

Stay tuned.

Update: Voluma has arrived! Read our Voluma Philadelphia page to learn how we use it!

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