Accuvein Vein Visualization

Our patients love non-surgical cosmetic procedures like Botox and dermal fillers, in part because they are non-invasive, temporary/reversible and require very little recovery time. Compared to a surgical cosmetic procedure which can sometimes take weeks to fully recover from, patients can bounce back from a Botox or filler treatment in a matter of hours with no sign of their cosmetic procedure. Some of our patients even like to stop in for a lunchtime treatment!

Despite the non-invasive nature and the utmost care with which we deliver every single treatment, some patients can experience slight temporary bruising from injectable treatments. This is generally due to the incredibly intricate and delicate network of veins that hides just out of site a few millimeters below the surface of your facial skin.

This is just one of the reasons why it’s so important to make sure that your cosmetic treatment professional has a deep understanding of facial anatomy, and why all of our cosmetic procedures are performed by a cosmetic surgeon, instead of a less qualified nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.

Even so, limited bruising is generally considered to be an inevitable side effect of injectable treatments, simply because these veins are so delicate and difficult to avoid. We’re happy to tell you that we’re taking steps to reduce these issues and make non-surgical procedures even easier, starting with Accuvein’s “Vein Visualization” technology.

What is Accuvein?


The Accuvein AV400 Vein Viewing system uses a technique known as “vein visualization” or “vein mapping” to show us where the veins are under a patient’s skin, so that they can be avoided completely. Since this is the primary cause of bruising and visible markings after injectable procedures, this allows us to apply things like Botox and dermal fillers with a much faster recovery time.

In essence, the Accuvein system can detect veins that lie up to 10mm below the skin, and project a visual map of the veins on the outside of the skin where a cosmetic professional can easily see the veins and work around them.

How does it work?

The Accuvein technology uses two lasers, the same super safe type used for barcode scanners, one infrared and one visible red light. The hemoglobin in blood absorbs infrared light, so when the Accuvein device is held over the skin it can identify where blood is present below the skin. It then uses a proprietary method of detecting this change in infrared light reflection to identify vein location and pattern.

Once the network of veins right under the skin is mapped, the second laser with red light projects a digital image of the veins in real-time, right on the surface of the skin, with an accuracy of less than the width of a human hair. This extra information allows us to make more informed decisions as we are planning and implementing your procedure.

What treatments do we use Accuvein for?

Drs. Cohen and Swartz use the Accuvein vein visualization technology for every injectable and surgical procedure that they perform. If there is a case where it will be useful to know where the veins are under the skin, you can be sure that Accuvein will be used to get a clear map.

If you have questions about Accuvein or any of the cosmetic procedures that we perform, please ask! We’d be glad to discuss any questions you may have, or schedule a consultation for one of the doctors to walk you through our approach and the procedures that best fit into your life!