Can Ocular Allergies Cause Under Eye Wrinkles?

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For some men and women, “Allergy Season” happens year round. If you suffer from itching or burning eyes, eye redness, swelling of eyelids in the morning (or throughout the day), you may have ocular allergies. These allergies occur when our body’s immune system is triggered and reacts to environmental irritants.

Unfortunately, eye allergies are not only frustrating but can cause long-term cosmetic eye issues. The most common cosmetic effects are bags under the eyes and wrinkling of the skin underneath and on the sides of the eyes. But there is a positive side. These side effects don’t have to be permanent.

Treating Ocular Allergies

The first step is to get control of your ocular allergies. There are several very good prescriptions as well as over the counter simple antihistamine/mast cell stabilizer eye drops. However, not all allergy drops are created equal, so it is essential to work with your eye doctor on selecting the right one for you.

Learn more about alleviating the symptoms of ocular allergies by reading our blog, “Suffering From Puffy Eyes: Allergies, Age & Treatment Relief”.

Untreated Ocular Allergies

If ocular allergies are left untreated, the allergies cause chronic inflammation, which is what causes eye puffiness. Over time, this puffiness causes the fragile eyelid tissue to stretch, leading to bags, wrinkles, and dark circles. This is why it is so important to correct ocular allergies before this occurs or becomes worse.

Options For Correcting Ocular Allergy Eye Bags Or Wrinkles

If you have ocular allergies they should be well controlled before you explore non-surgical or surgical eye treatments. This condition should be discussed with your eye doctor and cosmetic surgeon.

The best way to get started towards a rejuvenated appearance is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Swartz. The doctors. will work with you to decide on a treatment plan that fits your unique needs and facial anatomy.

Dermal Fillers

There is a very important connection between ocular allergies and having a lower eyelid (or tear trough) filler treatment. Dermal Fillers such as Voluma and Restylane are excellent treatment options that work for many patients’ under eye wrinkles and bags.

In this non-surgical treatment, dermal fillers are used to smooth the transition from the “hill” of the under-eye bag to the “valley” of hollow upper cheeks. It is this transition that causes the bags under the eyes to become prominent for many patients. Voluma and Restylane are the best fillers for under the eyes as they are the least likely to attract extra fluid.

If you receive dermal fillers to smooth away your bags, you may choose to have the treatment performed during the same appointment as your consultation. This treatment is usually only 15-30 minutes in length.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

“Great cosmetic surgery is both an art and science. No treatment is ‘one size fits all.’ It is important that the right treatment plan is used and that the treatment is carried out with skill and artistry.” – Dr. Marc Cohen

Another option to diminish the appearance of eye bags and wrinkles is with a type of lower eyelid surgery known as Blepharoplasty. This surgical procedure is also referred to as eye bag surgery or under-eye surgery.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Swartz will use a CO2 laser to contour your lower eyelids and remove the bags. Drs. Cohen and Swartz have been using a CO2 laser for cosmetic eyelid surgery for over 20 years, and have taught their techniques to doctors from around the world. They’ve chosen the CO2 laser as it offers the most precise results with the fastest recovery for cosmetic eyelid surgery.

The doctors collaborate on every surgery, with the patient’s chosen doctor (the doctor with whom they had their consultation) leading the procedure, and the other assisting. They perform all of their Blepharoplasty surgeries at an accredited surgical center.

Want to learn more? Schedule your consultation or appointment online here.

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