How to get the most from Latisse

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There is just no doubt about it, Latisse is the best way to get longer, thicker and fuller lashes. In this post I will give you the inside scoop on how to get the most out of Latisse. Complications from Latisse tend to be rare and mild, but who wants even mild complications, so we’ll discuss how to avoid those problems, too.

Before and after longer, lush lashes with Latisse

Longer, lush lashes with Latisse

In this post I will be saying some things that are “off label”. In other words , ideas that are different than the official FDA recommendations. To read the official FDA medication guide, click here.

Hair (including eyelashes) goes through a growth phase and a resting phase. The longer the growth phase, the longer and thicker the hair. As you might expect, the growth phase of the hair on your head is much longer than the growth phase of your eyelashes. That is why the hair on your head grows long and full, and your eyelashes are much shorter and thinner. Latisse works by stimulating hair growth by keeping it in the growth phase for longer.

The trick to getting the best results from Latisse is to make sure that you get just enough of it on the base of your eyelashes. Any Latisse that gets onto other skin is just a waste of money. Even more importantly, Latisse placed in the wrong place can cause side effects (like unwanted hair growth and darkening of the skin).

Here are the special instructions that we tell our patients (after a good eye exam) when they get Latisse. Please remember that these are “off label” suggestions.

1. The brush that comes with the Latisse is not ideal. It is a bit too thick. For that reason we suggest that you use a thinner brush to apply the medication. Your two choices are: a) Buy a good lip liner or eye liner brush at the drug store and use that (just keep it clean) b) Carefully cut about 75% of the bristles off of the brush that comes with the Latisse, to make it thinner. The result of using a different (or modified) brush is that you will be able to target the Latisse to the exact spot it is needed (at the base of the lashes) without wasting any of the medication or getting the medication on the skin where it can cause side effects.

2. You can get your bottle of Latisse to last much longer if you get the most out of each drop. The way you do that is to use just one drop each day. Here is how to do that: a) Place one drop in the cap of the bottle b) dip the brush in the cap and apply to one upper eyelid c) dip the brush in the cap again into the cap and apply to the second upper lid.

3. There is no need to apply the Latisse to the lower eyelashes. Just by blinking some will get to your lower eyelid and that is enough to make those lashes grow.

4. If you get any Latisse on the outside corners of your eyelid (past where you want lashes) or on the skin under your eye, wipe it off. Remember, Latisse can make hair grow where you don’t want it and it can make your skin temporarily darker. If either of those things do happen, don’t worry because those problems are reversible if you stop putting Latisse on that skin.

I hope you find these Latisse tips helpful. We’ll be talking more about Latisse in future posts. If you would like read some more about Latisse, click here.

Or, to get started with Latisse, schedule a consultation with us!

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