How to Look Your Best for the Holiday Season

November 21, 2016 9:58 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, the holidays are right around the corner. Your calendar will soon be booked with gift shopping, family get togethers, company parties, and holiday celebrations.

With all of these upcoming events, you want to look and feel your best. So you buy a new outfit, get a haircut and even start a new diet. But sometimes, that’s not enough. Maybe the source of your displeasure stems from bags under your eyes, smile lines around your mouth or frown lines on your forehead. While these signs of aging are nothing to be ashamed of, sometimes you just need an extra boost of confidence.

The good news is, all of these problems can be addressed by non-invasive treatments by us here at the offices of Drs. Cohen and Swartz. With minimal recovery time for non-surgical procedures, you don’t have to worry about sidelining your holiday plans.

Here are just a few non-surgical treatment options to consider to look your best this holiday season.

At Home Skin Care

With the right skin care products, you can transform your skin before the holidays without surgery. One of the easiest ways to treat your skin at home is by upgrading your skincare routine from over the counter drugstore products, to a skin care regimen that is customized specifically for your skin’s problem areas.

We have created Swan Skin Care, a complete line of prescription home skin care products that works below the skin’s surface to stimulate skin repair and renewal. The line ranges from cleansers to sunblock, but two of our favorite products that can make a dramatic difference to your skin are the Swan Lightening Pads and Retin-A cream.

If you are experiencing discoloration or less radiant skin, the Swan Lightening Pads are a great solution. These convenient pads are very effective at removing skin maladies such as freckles, age spots, and other undesirable hyperpigmentation of the skin.

If you are beginning to notice more pronounced facial lines and wrinkles, Retin-A cream may be the right product to restore a youthful appearance. The Retin-A cream from Swan Skin Care prevents wrinkles and tightens skin by stimulating your skin to build new cells, collagen and elastin.

What sets these products apart from other skin care products is the ability customize the strength to fit your skin’s unique needs.

Improving your skin with professional skin care products is a great first step to looking refreshed for the holidays. However, it may take a few weeks to see the results you are looking for. If you are looking for more immediate results, below are a few more non-surgical face treatments to consider.

Lunchtime Treatments

If you are looking to see noticeable results quickly, other options to consider are “lunchtime treatments.” These skin rejuvenation treatments are quick and easy, requiring very little recovery which makes them the perfect fix before the holidays.

Botox is one of the most common treatments to help soften lines, eliminate crow’s feet, and make forehead lines disappear. For first time Botox users, we recommend getting this treatment at least 4 weeks before a major event. While some people see immediate results from Botox, it can take up to two weeks to see the full affect.

Other office treatments to consider are Juvederm®, Restylane®, Restylane Silk, Volbella and Voluma®. These are known as hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers and work by replenishing cheek volume, plumping lips, lifting a falling face, and softening the lipstick lines and parentheses around the mouth and nose.

These treatments take about 15 minutes to administer, and you will see immediate results with minimal to no recovery time – the ideal solution for a quick pick me up before that holiday party!

Consultation Time  

It’s easy to identify what you don’t like about your face. What’s more challenging is deciding what to do about it. Can my skin issues be dealt with topically? Are injections the best option? If I do get injections, will my face be healed in time for the holidays?

The best way to find out is to consult with a professional. At our practice, we have one-on-one consultations with every patient to discuss the best, most individualized treatment plans for each.

If you are interested in learning more about the non-surgical treatments listed above, or would like to get a treatment before the holidays, schedule a consultation here. We are happy to walk you through the process, and will work with your busy pre-holiday schedule.

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