The Facts About Restylane Defyne

March 21, 2018 3:40 pm Leave your thoughts

It’s always fun to talk about a great new product, but we admittedly have been a little behind with this one. We have been so busy using Defyne, that we haven’t had the opportunity to properly introduce it. Now it’s time!

The product we would like to introduce is Defyne, a new facial filler from Restylane. Restylane is a market leader in cosmetic dermal fillers with a great product line, so we’re always very interested when they come out with something new.

Today, we hope to give you a better understanding of what Defyne is and what exactly makes it such a different and interesting product.

What is Defyne?

Defyne is a hyaluronic acid based facial filler made by Restylane. It provides incredibly natural, realistic results when used to soften the laugh lines and marionette lines. Hyaluronic acid fillers are completely natural and reversible, making them a safe, worry-free solution that is used by millions of people all over the world.

The treatments are quick and painless, and lead to natural, lasting results. In a recent study, 97% of subjects treated with Defyne would do the treatment again, and 95% would recommend it to a friend.

We love the way our patients look after their treatments!

What is Defyne used for?

The natural effects of aging causes a loss of elasticity in your nasolabial folds (the “laugh lines” that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth) and marionette lines (the lines that from the corners of your mouth down towards your chin). This loss of elasticity causes a deepening of these lines that makes us look older.

Defyne is specifically designed to smooth moderate to deep lines naturally, while maintaining your natural movement.

What is the difference between Defyne and other fillers?

Defyne uses the XpresHAn Technology to ensure a more natural look and feel as your face moves. Specifically, the gel has “cross linking” properties that make it move more organically along with the movement of your face. This combination of flexibility and cross linking make it one of the most natural feeling and looking solutions available.

Is it safe to use Defyne?

Hyaluronic acid fillers like Defyne are the safest type of fillers on the market, because they are based off of a substance that your body creates naturally. They are also completely reversible, using another completely natural substance, hyaluronidase, which will completely dissolve the filler in just a few minutes.

Defyne has been used for years by top cosmetic doctors around the world. It was approved for use in Europe in 2010 as Emervel Deep, and has subsequently found approval in Canada and a number of other countries. Since it was approved for use in the United States in September of 2017, our experience has shown that the product lives up to everything the Restylane and the FDA have said about it.

Have other questions about Defyne?

We’ve had the unique opportunity to work with Defyne before it was available to the U.S. market, and have been using it for many months with great success. We’re happy to answer any other questions that you might have about this product or any cosmetic fillers. Even better, we’d love to have you come in for an in person consultation!

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