Top 8 Winter Skin Care Tips

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Winter has arrived, and the thermometer is certainly dropping! Along with sipping hot cocoa by the fire and all-day sledding outings, winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin causing unwanted dryness, flaking, and itching. Armed with the following eight seasonal skin care steps, you can keep your skin balanced and achieve a healthy, rosy glow.

Why Skin Gets Dry in the Winter

During the winter months, the air becomes cold and dry. Dry air also means low humidity. These two factors combined cause your skin to dry out quickly. While indoor heat keeps you warm and toasty, it can cause a wide range of skin issues from dry noses and throats to eczema flare ups.

#1 Reduce Your Shower Time and Water Temperature

After being outside all day, a long hot shower is the perfect answer to warming up from the cold, right? Unfortunately not. Hot water showers strip the natural oils from your skin, which makes skin even drier. Ideally, take a lukewarm shower and limit your shower time to ten minutes.

#2 Use a Gentle Cleanser

Non-foaming cleaners are perfect as they don’t dry out the skin. Our Swan Skin Care Cleanser is non-foaming and very gentle. It’s excellent at removing excess oils, make-up, dead cells, and other impurities while leaving your skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated.

#3 “Pat” Your Skin

Vigorously rubbing your skin as you towel dry can cause irritation and damage. Instead, dab or pat off any excess water using a super soft cotton bath towel.

#4 Use a Vitamin C Serum

We recommend that our patients avoid moisturizers, instead substituting with a Vitamin C Serum. Vitamin C Serum protects the skin from environmental damage and calms red, dry, or irritated skin.

#5 Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin

Dead skin cells prevent our skin from soaking up moisture. Exfoliate regularly to slough off those old cells. Don’t forget your hands and lips.


#6 Invest in a Humidifier

Indoor heating from furnaces, fireplaces and space heaters quickly zap moisture. Room or house humidifiers are an excellent way to add moisture back into the air. Added bonus – some room humidifiers have the option to add essential oils. Not only can you combat dry air, but with a few drops of lavender, you’ll combat the stress of the day!

#7 Bundle Up

Heading outdoors into the frigid temps and blustery winds? It’s important to protect and cover your skin. Make sure you have a hat, gloves and scarf to keep your delicate skin under wraps.

winter skincare tips bundle up

#8 Don’t Forget the Sunblock

Sun damage happens year-round, and you should wear sunblock every day – even when it’s cold outside. When you need to be in the sun, wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection and a quality sunblock.

Our Swan Sunblock, a light, aloe-based sunblock with SPF 30, delivers high UV protection with wrinkle-fighting peptides and antioxidants including Green Tea and Lipoic Acid, leaving skin clear and fresh.

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