Volbella for Lips and Lipstick Lines

December 2, 2016 4:15 pm

We are very excited to announce the arrival of Volbella, the newest addition to the Juvederm line of dermal fillers! While Volbella has been available in many other places around the globe including Canada and Europe for many years, it has only recently received FDA approval in the United States and is finally available.

So what is Volbella? Volbella is a dermal filler that has received FDA approval for lip augmentation and correction of perioral rhytids, or more commonly referred to as “lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lines.”

Here at the offices of Drs. Cohen and Swartz, we are so excited by this product because of the results we have seen thus far. The gel in Volbella (which is made from hyaluronic acid, the same water-loving molecule found in most common dermal fillers today) is cut into smaller pieces. This means it has the unique ability to smooth the finest of lines. It’s also uniquely capable of adding a soft and subtle fullness to the lips resulting in an unmistakably natural and youthful appearance.

Historically, when the gel in dermal fillers is cut too small, the longevity of the product diminishes. That’s not the case with Volbella. Volbella uses the same long lasting technology that was discovered with Voluma, which means the beautifully subtle results achieved by Volbella are approved to last one year.

Our experience with Volbella has matched with what the FDA has reported. As seen in the before and after photo below, we were able to smooth away the lipstick lines that has been bothering this patient for years. Before Volbella, this wouldn’t have been possible:

Volbella before and after

In the trials, similar success has been achieved. 96% of people treated in their lips with Volbella experienced improvement in satisfaction with their lips three months later and 88% of people treated for vertical lip lines with Volbella experienced improvement in satisfaction with their lip lines three months later.

Drs. Cohen and Swartz were among a select group of doctors to gain early access to Volbella, which means they are two of the most experienced doctors with the filler in the area.

Schedule an appointment or consultation today to try Volbella for yourself, or read more about this new and exciting dermal filler on our Volbella treatment page.

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