Eye Bag Surgery

Do you have under eye bags? You aren’t alone. Whether genetic or purely age-related, under-eye bags are a common concern for many men and women in adulthood.

One way to diminish the appearance of eye bags is with a type of lower eyelid surgery (or "blepharoplasty") often called eye bag surgery or under-eye surgery. By removing your bags, eye bag surgery restores the smooth contours that made your face look youthful and energetic when you were younger.

Dermal fillers like Voluma, Restylane, and Restylane Silk are another treatment option that works for many patients’ eye bags. In this non-surgical treatment, dermal fillers are used to smooth the transition from the “hill” of the under-eye bag to the “valley” of hollow upper cheeks. It is this transition that causes bags under the eyes to become prominent and noticeable for many patients.

The best way to get started towards bag-free eyes and a rejuvenated appearance is to have a consultation with Dr. Swartz.

During your consultation, Dr. Swartz will listen to your concerns about your eye bags, determine what is causing your bags, and work with you to decide on a treatment plan that fits your unique needs and facial anatomy.

What To Expect When You Get Eye Bags Surgery with Us

The decision to do something about your eye bags is an exciting one. If you and Dr. Swartz have decided to remove your under-eye bags with surgery, this is what you can expect.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Swartz are a team, and they work together on every surgery. Because of this, you will have two doctors at your surgery; Dr. Swartz will be your surgeon, and Dr. Cohen will assist. This unique team approach is something very special in our practice, and we feel it assures the best results.

Your surgery will take place at an accredited surgical center near you (in Bala Cynwyd, PA or Voorhees, NJ, depending on your location), and a board-certified anesthesiologist and anesthetist will administer anesthesia so that you are comfortable during the procedure.

Dr. Cohen and Dr. Swartz will use a CO2 laser to contour your lower eyelids and remove the bags. They feel that the laser offers the most precise results with the fastest recovery for cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Most patients resume normal activities one week after under-eye surgery. Full recovery usually takes four to six weeks. The length of time it will take you to fully recover from your surgery will largely depend on your body’s natural healing pace and how closely you adhere to the doctor’s instructions. Carefully following the instructions of your doctor and the staff will help you recover as quickly as possible. The doctors and their staff work with you throughout the course of your recovery to ensure that you are progressing as planned.

Eye Bag Surgery Before And After Photos

Eye bag surgery before and after

Upper eyelid and eye bag surgery

This patient achieved a younger, more refreshed appearance with lower eyelid surgery that removed under-eye bags, and upper eyelid surgery that treated drooping eyelids.

Eye bag surgery before and after

Upper eyelid and under-eye surgery with lower eyelid dermal fillers

In this procedure, under-eye surgery and lower eyelid fillers removed under-eye bags, and an upper lid blepharoplasty reduced upper eyelid fullness, achieving a more youthful, rested appearance for the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does lower eyelid surgery for eye bags cost?

In our practice, eyelid surgery is a highly customized procedure. Dr. Cohen or Dr. Swartz will examine your eyes, evaluate your face and listen to your goals and concerns during your consultation. They will discuss various options with you, and you will have a clear answer about the price of different options by the time you leave the office.

Generally, a lower blepharoplasty, or eye bag surgery, costs $4,000. Combined upper and lower blepharoplasty usually costs $6,000. These prices include the doctor’s fee, the surgical center fee, and anesthesiologist fees. There are never any surprise or hidden costs.

How long does it take to recover from eye bag surgery?

We consider the doctor-patient relationship to be like a team sport. It is important to work together for the best results. How carefully you follow your doctor’s instructions will directly affect how quickly you heal.

We ask our patients to take it easy and use cold compresses on their eyelids for the first four days after surgery. You need to wait a full week before resuming exercise and lifting heavy objects.

The type of surgery you have, your skin type, and the way that your body heals all affect healing times. We recommend that you plan your surgery at least six weeks before a big event.


Thanks Doctor Cohen!

I’m a 51 year old guy who for years was bothered by my lower eyelid “bags.” If I got lots of sleep and watched my diet, my "bags" weren't too bad- carry-on size! However a late night, spicy food, or red wine, and they turned into steamer trunks! Friends and family claimed they weren’t so bad, and I suppose in the general scheme of things, that was true. However, not a day went by that I was not aware of them. Five months ago, Marc Cohen removed them and immediately I liked the result. I had no noticeable bruising, swelling or pain, just a little 'blood shot' on the 4th–7th days after the procedure. Now it's like they were never there- I don’t think about it at all, unlike before, when as I said, I thought of them daily. Do I look better, or younger? Maybe, but mostly the look is cleaner somehow, with those dark smudges caused by the fat deposits gone for good! Go online, read all you can about the procedure so that you'll be a well informed patient when you talk to Dr. Cohen, then JUST DO IT! I’m sorry I waited so long.

- Patient Letter