BOTOXCosmetic® (also known simply as Botox) is a safe, easy way to smooth the lines and wrinkles on your face without surgery. It has been used to help millions of patients and is now the most common cosmetic procedure performed in America. With the help of Botox, crow’s feet, frown lines and lines across your forehead can disappear with one quick treatment. Botox can also be used to help you in other amazing ways, including raising your eyebrows, lifting the corners of your mouth and getting rid of bands in your neck.

How does Botox work?

The wrinkles that you get from smiling, frowning or raising your eyebrows occur when the facial muscles move, bunching up the overlying skin. As a muscle relaxer, Botox works by temporarily reducing the signals sent by the nerves to the specific muscles being treated. Because these specific muscles don’t receive a message to contract, they stay relaxed, and the overlying skin doesn’t bunch up. This causes the wrinkles to fade away.

Botox is so safe and effective at temporarily relaxing small parts of muscles that it is now used for a long, growing list of medical conditions. It is truly a miracle drug!

What to expect

Botox treatments are fast and easy. In their offices, these treatments are always performed personally by Dr. Marc Cohen or Dr. Nancy Swartz, never a nurse or assistant.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Cohen or Dr. Swartz will talk to you about your concerns and your goals in order to develop a customized plan just for you.

Once this plan has been created, they will then administer the Botox with tiny needles. Most people are surprised by how simple and quick this treatment is. When you leave the office, no one can tell that you’ve just had the procedure done. The lines and wrinkles that were treated will gradually fade away within a few days.

Botox Before And After Photos

Before and After Botox Crows Feet

Botox to soften crow's feet

This patient’s Botox treatment reduced crow’s feet wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.

botox before and after

Botox and Juvederm for Frown Lines

Botox and Juvederm were administered to smooth this patient’s frown lines, also known as 11 wrinkles, between the brows.

botox before and after

Botox for Crow’s Feet, Brows, and Eyes

This patient received Botox to reduce crow’s feet, lift the brows, and help open her eyes when smiling.

botox before and after under eye

Botox to Smooth Roll Under Eye

In this treatment, Botox was used to smooth the patient’s lower eyelid roll.

Drs. Cohen and Swartz are experienced Philadelphia Botox doctors who have treated thousands of patients with the product in their Main Line (Bala Cynwyd), South Jersey (Voorhees), and Center City Philadelphia offices over the past 20 years.

Year after year, Drs. Cohen and Swartz teach doctors across the country and around the world how to use Botox and its cousins, Dysport and Xeomin. They were selected to be part of the elite panel of experts who created teaching material for doctors across the U.S. for both Dysport and Xeomin.

Not only is Botox quick and simple, but it is also cost effective. Many people get Botox for as little as $300. In addition, Botox has a 20-year proven safety record, and Drs. Cohen and Swartz have been using it longer than any other cosmetic surgeons in the Delaware Valley.

Drs. Cohen and Swartz's unparalleled skill and experience using Botox ensures that their patients get the best results without any complications. So what's the catch? Well the catch is… it doesn’t last forever. It lasts on average three to six months. But, if you use Botox regularly, it prevents wrinkles from forming, so you stay looking young. It’s that simple.

Areas treated by Botox

The most common uses for Botox:

  • Soften crow’s feet
  • Remove frown lines between brows
  • Smooth the forehead
  • Lift the brows
  • Soften “bunny lines” on the nose
  • Smooth lip lines (or “lipstick lines”)
  • Prevent chin dimpling
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Relax “bands” in the neck
  • Make you look less tired or angry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Botox and how does it work?

Botox is a medication that is used to reduce wrinkles and give your face a natural, relaxed look. Botox treatments are non-surgical procedures that involve tiny injections administered by the doctor in the specific areas that are best for you. Many wrinkles are caused by the contraction of muscles. Botox treatments relax those muscles. You'll still have normal facial expression, however the wrinkles will be softened, because the muscle causing the wrinkle will now be relaxed. If done regularly, Botox even prevents wrinkles from forming or getting worse.

Are treatments painful?

Most patients have little or no discomfort from Botox treatments. Dr. Cohen and Dr. Swartz understand how important this is for their patients. They have developed a special technique to make Botox treatments more comfortable, and they use needles that are very tiny- much smaller than the needles used for the typical "shots" from a doctor. Some people are nervous about needles, and if you prefer, a numbing cream can be used on the area prior to the treatment. The treatment itself only takes a minute or so, and afterwards, there is no discomfort at all.


Very happy lady - Voorhees, NJ

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome. Dr. Swartz listens, cares, and makes you feel so very special. She is honest and will take as much time as you need. I felt like she was my friend.