KYBELLA® is a fat-dissolving injectable medication used to get rid of extra fullness in the under-chin area of the neck, sometimes known as a "double chin." It is the first injectable medication of its kind, and was approved by the FDA in 2015.

Kybella injections work by dissolving fat cells at the point of injection. These results are permanent, as the fat cells that are dissolved can never re-form. Many patients and doctors have found that the product also has a skin-tightening effect, which can help mitigate the appearance of loose skin after dissolving fat under the chin. The degree of this effect is different for every patient, but it is typically mild. Because of this, the best candidates for Kybella injections are men and women with mild to moderate neck fullness.

Kybella Treatment Areas

What To Expect

Drs. Cohen and Swartz see every patient for a consultation in one of their Philadelphia-area offices (on the Main Line in Bala Cynwyd, PA; in Voorhees in South Jersey; or in Center City) before administering Kybella injections. During this consultation, they take time to speak with you, listen to your goals, and explain your options for treatment.

Patients typically receive one to three treatments, each six weeks apart, in order to achieve the desired results.

Kybella does cause moderate stinging during the injection. This sensation may continue for 6-8 hours after the treatment, but it can be managed by pain medication as directed by Drs. Cohen and Swartz. Kybella injections also cause some swelling and redness that typically goes down within 48 hours of treatment.

Kybella Injections by Drs. Cohen and Swartz

Kybella injections draw on the same skill and artistry that Drs. Cohen and Swartz have used to treat thousands of Philadelphia-area patients with injectable fillers and Botox. For this reason, they have been selected to be among a small group of cosmetic surgeons who teach doctors around the country how to best use the product.

To learn how Drs. Cohen and Swartz can help you achieve a more attractive appearance with Kybella, read the FAQs below, speak with our friendly staff, or schedule a consultation!

Kybella Before And After Photos

Kybella before and after

Kybella before and after sample photo

Note: this image was provided by the makers of Kybella. The pictured procedure was not performed by Drs. Cohen and Swartz.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the recovery time for Kybella?

Following Kybella treatments, patients usually find that their discomfort subsides within 6-8 hours, and their swelling and redness is mostly gone within 48 hours. They may also experience tenderness or numbness in the treatment area that subsides within 1-2 months.

What happens to the fat cells dissolved by Kybella?

As with other waste products created in the body, the remnants of the fat cells dissolved by Kybella are eventually flushed out of the body (not reabsorbed and moved elsewhere).

Are Kybella treatments painful?

Most patients experience a stinging or burning sensation starting about halfway through their injection. Related discomfort can last, to a certain degree, for about 6-8 hours after treatment, depending on the patient.

Who injects Kybella?

At present, only physicians can inject Kybella. There are no certified non-doctor injectors.

How long does Kybella last?

For the most part, the human body stops producing new fat cells in adolescence. After adolescence, our body typically gains fat by making existing fat cells bigger. Kybella dissolves fat cells, and therefore its results are permanent as long as a steady weight is maintained.

What is the recovery process for Kybella like?

Patients can resume normal activities immediately following Kybella treatments. Most people have swelling for the first few days (that is the Kybella working). Some swelling can be present for 4-6 weeks but that swelling tends to be minor. Some patients choose to take 2-3 days off from work, while others wear a scarf or turtleneck as needed to hide any swelling or redness.

Can Kybella be used on my cheeks? What about my jowls, neck, arms, stomach, or thighs?

So far, Kybella is only approved for use on submental fat (the fat that causes a double chin). However, research is being done to show that Kybella can be used on other parts of the body.