Meet Kay

Procedure: Dermal fillers to the upper eyelids and brows to correct hollowness and restore their youthful contour.

I was always pretty confident, but now I feel like I never have to worry about this part of my appearance.

Philadelphia native Kay Magee is constantly on the go. She is an adjunct professor of mathematics and the Director of Men's Basketball Operations at Philadelphia University, where she works alongside her father, head coach and Basketball Hall of Famer Herb Magee.

When Kay isn't teaching or helping run the basketball program, she loves cheering for her father’s team, running, practicing yoga and spending time with her family and friends.

Whether it's a basketball press conference or just a Saturday night dinner with friends, Kay always wants to look and feel her best. Kay was already confident in her appearance, but she came to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Swartz to ensure that she never had to think twice about how she looked.

Before photo- dermal fillers for eyelids and brows


After photo- dermal fillers for eyelids and brows


Kay originally learned about Drs. Cohen and Swartz when she needed surgery for a droopy eyelid. After the first consultation, Kay felt comfortable and confident enough to put her full trust in Dr. Swartz.

Kay decided to have another procedure, and this time Dr. Swartz used Juvederm to add fullness to her upper lids, restoring their smooth, youthful curve. Kay loved that everything from the consultation to the actual procedure felt fun and easy. "I always have so much to tell Nancy! After she comes in and looks, we decide what we are doing (I always leave it up to her), and we chat- it's easy."

Even better, the minimal recovery time is perfect for Kay’s busy lifestyle. She can squeeze in a quick appointment after teaching a class, and see results by the time she gets home. "I really have no recovery time – by the time I drive home, any pink skin or marks are gone."

It was love at first sight! Nancy is amazing – she is not only beautiful, but so knowledgeable and reassuring. She was honest and clear about expectations and I trusted her immediately.