Meet Sandy

Procedure: Upper eyelid laser blepharoplasty to treat droopy eyelids.

When you look good, you feel good. You are not always looking at what bothers you about yourself.

Sandy is an Independent Senior National Sales Director of a direct selling cosmetic company and has had a business for 29 years. As a public speaker for her company, she often finds herself in the spotlight. Sandy wanted to continue feeling confident when speaking in front of peers and clients, and this desire ultimately led her to speak with Drs. Cohen and Swartz.

"I am in the public eye a lot because of my career, and specifically in this industry it is important to always look your best."

Before her surgery, Sandy had noticed her eyelids beginning to droop over time. Drs. Cohen and Swartz had previously performed eyelid surgery on her husband, and after seeing his positive results, she was confident in her decision to choose them for her own procedure.

Before photo- upper eyelid surgery to treat drooping eyelids


After photo- upper eyelid surgery to treat drooping eyelids


"After his surgery, I was amazed at how natural he looked. I knew at that point I would not choose anyone else to do my eyes other than Dr. Cohen & Dr. Swartz."

Sandy had her pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Cohen and found it "easy, informative and very professional." She felt comfortable and looked forward to getting the procedure after seeing the before and after photos of other satisfied patients.

Her upper eyelid surgery was very much the same: simple, fast and painless. She went in for the procedure and left only a few hours later with no bruising or puffiness.

“I was surprised to see how quickly I recovered with excellent results. I’ve received so many compliments from colleagues and peers about how fresh and awake I look. They had no idea I had the procedure done.”

When asked if Sandy would recommend Drs. Cohen and Swartz she says, "Absolutely! They are the best!"

Since the surgery, I not only look better, but I feel better about myself because I am not self conscious about my eyes anymore. I can put my best face forward!