There’s a reason our grandmothers always pinched our cheeks when we were younger: smooth, full cheeks are a hallmark of youth. In fact, researchers have found that smooth, curved contours are one of the factors that most distinguish an attractive, youthful face from an aged one. The cheeks are undoubtedly one of these contours.

So, what makes our cheeks look old as we age, and how can we rejuvenate them?

The most common reasons for old-looking cheeks are a loss of facial fat and a decrease in skin elasticity. The loss of fat is a process that occurs throughout our faces. It can be thought of as a “deflation,” and in the cheeks, it causes us to lose the smooth, round contours that were once so pinchable. In place of these youthful contours, we may develop new “hills and valleys,” like those of hollow cheeks. Cheek deflation also causes our skin to become slightly looser. Along with our decreasing skin elasticity, this causes the skin to bunch up more frequently, which leads to cheek wrinkles- another sign of aging cheeks.

How To Treat Cheek Deflation

How can we reverse cheek deflation? In our opinion, dermal fillers are the best way to add volume back to the cheeks and restore youthful facial contours. This goes for the upper cheeks, where lost facial fat can create sunken eyes or eye bags, as well as the lower cheeks, which can become hollow with age. JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® is our preferred dermal filler for these procedures because it is specifically designed for the cheeks.

Voluma for cheek rejuvenation and improved lower eye bags

It is important to note that treating cheek deflation does not mean “puffing up” the cheeks. With many years of practice, we have developed filler techniques that restore natural, attractive facial contours to the cheeks.

How To Get Rid Of Cheek Wrinkles

Restoring lost volume to the cheeks with Voluma not only restores youthful contours, but also acts like a natural cheek lift, tightening and lifting the skin. Because of this, it can go a long way towards smoothing certain cheek wrinkles.

However, when Voluma treatments aren’t right or aren’t enough for your facial wrinkles, we most often recommend Restylane Silk (another facial filler) or laser skin resurfacing. Both of these treatments are ideal for fine lines and crepey skin, including the “accordion wrinkles” that can show up on our lower cheeks.

Juvederm to smooth cheek wrinkles

Non-surgical Treatments for the Cheeks



Restylane Silk can be a great option for smoothing fine lines and crepey skin on the cheeks.

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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser Skin Resurfacing

For some patients, laser skin resurfacing is the most effective means of smoothing cheek lines and wrinkles.

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Voluma is the leading facial filler for restoring cheek volume.

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Volbella is a long-lasting dermal fillter that is approved for vertical lip lines and lip fullness.

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