How We Treat Puffy Eyes and Eye Bags

As we age, our faces tend to lose fat in our cheeks and in the area right below our eyelid bags. This fat is responsible for a naturally smooth looking curve from the lower eyelid down onto the cheek in our youth. As this fat gets smaller with age, the adjacent lower eyelid fat becomes more noticeable, resulting in hills and valleys on our faces. This is the cause of puffy eyes, or what we more commonly refer to as eye bags.

All bags under the eyes are not created equal. Most people experience lower eyelid bags simply as a result of this loss of cheek fat. This is a common issue and is easily treatable.

For other patients however, the primary issue resulting in lower lid bags is a combination of a loss of cheek fat loss and an excess of fat in the lower eyelid area. Lower eyelid fat does not naturally recede as it is structural fat which tends to be permanent.

Fortunately, in most cases there are viable options for achieving subtle, natural looking improvements through a nonsurgical treatment. Regardless of your specific situation though, it is always important to seek consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who is experienced in the eyelid area to help you decide what procedure might be best for you.

puffy eyes before and after

Treatment for Eye Puffiness and Eye Bags

For the majority of patients with bags caused by a loss of fat, hyaluronic fillers give the most natural improvement of lower eyelid bags. Hyaluronic fillers are most effective for patients who appear to have small bags under their eyes. In this situation, fillers are able to smooth the transition between the eyelid and the cheek, effectively removing the bag. In general, we feel that the best fillers for this type of treatment are Restylane and Voluma.

In the case of patients experiencing excess fat under their eyes, the best treatment is usually removing the fat through an operation known as a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. This surgery is best performed from the inside of the eyelid with an approach that requires no visible incision or stitches. In other cases, patients can experience both excess skin and fat. For these patients, surgery usually involves removal of fat as well as a tightening of the tendons of the eyelid and the removal of a small amount of skin.

Things to Be Aware Of

The main advantage of hyaluronic fillers around the eyes is that they are reversible. There are occasional times where the treatment needs adjustments and this is easily done with hyaluronic fillers. Typically, these treatments will last at least a year before the need for additional applications.

It is important that you get your treatment from someone who is experienced with under eye injections. A skilled oculoplastic surgeon has special experience working around the eye and achieving the best, most natural results.

Here at the offices of Drs. Cohen and Swartz, we approach all treatments in the same way, starting with a consultation to work with you to identify a unique treatment that works best for your situation.

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