How to Lift Sagging Jowls

Sagging jowls is a condition that refers to skin sagging just below jawline. It is often seen in older patients. Most people see a loss of volume in their cheeks with age, as well as skin elasticity in the same area. As a result, jawlines will typically appear to lose shape over time, resulting in what is known as as sagging jowls.

Treatment for Sagging Jowls

For most of our patients, getting rid of sagging jowls involves lifting the cheeks, smoothing away old-looking facial contours, or both. The treatment is easy and takes 20 minutes or less for most patients. This procedure is typically accomplished with Voluma. Voluma is a hyaluronic acid filler that serves to lift the cheeks while smoothing a patient’s skin and restoring cheek shape in the process.

Voluma is our preferred dermal filler for sagging jowls procedures as it is a thicker filler capable of providing substantial cheek lift, while also being completely reversible in the event of unwanted results. When injected correctly, Voluma should give you more lift per syringe than other dermal fillers, such as Juvederm.

Things to Be Aware Of

A common concern regarding dermal fillers is how long they will last. Based on the FDA's findings, the effects of Voluma on sagging jowls can last for up to two years. However, it’s important to keep in mind that each person's metabolism is different and only time will tell exactly how long any dermal filler will last for you.

Patients also tend to wonder how much filler will be necessary to treat sagging jowls. Like all good cosmetic treatments, Voluma must be customized for your particular cosmetic needs. To some extent the skill of the doctor also has an impact on the amount of filler needed. At our practice, we believe the best treatments clearly make you look better, but are subtle and very natural. Many patients can achieve this with just one vial of filler. However, other patients need more volume added to their cheeks and use several syringes.

Your cosmetic surgeon should be able to give you a good idea about how much Voluma you are likely to need after you have had a consultation and discussed your goals. If you’re interested in treatment for sagging jowls, schedule a consultation today!