Do neck bands, skin problems or neck fat make you dislike the appearance of your neck?

Although the neck is often associated with invasive surgeries and long recovery times, we have helped hundreds of patients improve their neck bands and crepey neck skin with quick, easy non-surgical treatments. And now, with the new, FDA-approved fat dissolver KYBELLA®, we have an exciting new tool to help patients with neck fullness or "double chins" to look their best.

How To Treat Neck Banding

Neck bands, also known as platysmal bands, develop when our neck’s platysmal muscle begins to protrude. This is typically a process that occurs with aging.

To treat neck banding, we administer BOTOXCosmetic® to the muscles causing the protruding. This causes the muscles to relax and “lie down”, giving the neck a smoother, younger appearance.

How To Treat Neck Skin

Crepey, discolored, and sun-damaged neck skin can be caused by genetics, aging, and exposure to the sun.

To correct skin problems like these, Drs. Cohen and Swartz have formulated a unique line of skin care products called Swan Skin Care. Working deep below the skin’s surface to stimulate skin repair and renewal, Swan Skin Care products like Swan Lightening Pads and Tretinoin rejuvenate the appearance of your problematic skin.

How To Get Rid Of Neck Fullness

Fullness in the neck or under-chin region, sometimes called a double chin, has traditionally been difficult to treat without surgery. However, with the FDA approval of revolutionary fat dissolver Kybella, we are now able to offer an easy, non-invasive treatment to achieve beautiful contours in this problem area. This procedure draws on the same skill and artistry that has allowed us to treat thousands of patients with injectable fillers and Botox, and we couldn’t be more excited about the amazing results that it provides!

Non-surgical Treatments for the Neck



Botox fixes neck banding by relaxing the muscles that “stand up” and cause the banding.

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Kybella gets rid of double chins and neck fullness by dissolving neck fat.

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Swan Skin Care

Swan Skin Care

Our custom skin care line treats wrinkly and/or discolored skin on the neck.

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