If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose, you are likely concerned with its shape or its wrinkles. Many patients come to us dissatisfied with a bump on the bridge of their nose or a curve or bend in their nose’s shape. Others are concerned with vertical wrinkles called bunny lines that develop on either side of the bridge of the nose.

While the shape of the nose is typically determined by genetics or facial trauma, bunny lines are the result of aging and repeated facial expressions. Fortunately, both issues can be corrected with quick, easy treatments that can even be performed during your lunch break.

How To Change Nose Shape

To change the shape of the nose, we typically use small amounts of a dermal filler like Restylane® Silk. By injecting this filler in precise locations around the unwanted contour (like a bump, bend or other asymmetry), we smooth it away and leave the nose looking straight and natural.

In the case of a hump in the bridge of the nose, this would likely entail injecting a small amount of filler above and below the hump to give the bridge one straight, smooth profile. The resulting look is similar to what can be achieved with a traditional rhinoplasty, and because of this, this procedure is sometimes referred to as a “non-surgical nose job.”

Restylane to give nose a smooth, straight profile.

Restylane to smooth bump in nose profile.

How To Get Rid of Bunny Lines

Bunny lines typically show up on the sides of our noses when we smile, squint or laugh. These vertical wrinkles are created by the skin-”pinching” action of our facial muscles, and as such, they can be smoothed away when the muscles are relaxed. BOTOXCosmetic® is the most common treatment used for this kind of job, providing great results that show almost immediately.

Non-surgical Treatments for the Nose



Botox gets rid of bunny lines by relaxing the muscles that cause them.

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Restylane Silk is our filler of choice for non-surgical nose jobs.

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